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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Israeli medical products are known for their high quality level. By purchase of medicines and medical products from Israel, you guarantee yourself reliable products, original and highest quality standards.

Pilula is a reliable Internet Store aimed to enable enjoy medical products from Israel, worldwide. Products we buy for you are from authorized and reliable suppliers, at affordable prices. Order through the website allows following the bundle and knowing at any moment what its status.

Yes. Our product catalog is varied and contains products that we, in our experience, know they are in great demand. However, you may want a product that does not appear in our catalog. In this case, please contact us through the contact page and ask for special orders. We will try to match you a similar product from the site or send you the product you have requested.

We ship the products you have ordered within two business days after receipt of order. Once the package is sent it depends on mail services and customs services of the destination country. At your service are two delivery options - regular mail and express mail.

Without a doubt. Please contact us with any question about any product to be purchased or are interested in purchasing on site. The Pharmacists team will be pleased to answer you and provide you with all the medical information you want. Click on Contact Us for any question.

It is important to note that consultation with a pharmacist through the website does not constitute in any way a substitute for consultation with a physician.

At this point you cannot buy prescription drugs through the site.

Medications are bought from authorized and reliable suppliers that work with all pharmacies in Israel, what ensures that the products you receive are genuine.

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