Life gives us plenty of reasons to feel good, but at the same time we have to say honestly: to be an adult in the modern world can be a pretty stressful.

Whether if you are a student during exams, manager who tries to maneuver between a demanding career to the family, father who fears for his living, new parents and parents for teenagers, employees or self-employed during busy times at work - the challenges and difficulties the daily life invites, can certainly lead to periods of stress, nervousness, restlessness of mind and difficulty in sleeping.

There is a wide range of treatments to relieve tension around the world today, ranging from psychological "traditional" treatments, through prescription drugs to alternative therapies. Another way to relieve stress is by using calming drugs on herbal base. 

Nerven is very known, research-based calming preparation based on herbs. Relieves stress and nervous problems, does not create physical dependence and approved by the Ministry of Health. It manufactures by Zeller, Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in phytotherapy (herbal treatment).

Various biological pathways

A prominent characteristic of Nerven is a combination of four herbal ingredients which have been proven in research to be rather effective in relieving stress and nervousness problems - Passiflora extract , Lupuli strobulus extract , Valerian root extract and Crataegus extract. 

The four components are operating in different biological pathways, they complement each other, and their combination allows to enjoy an overall solution to the problems of stress and nervousness, even when they expressed in difficulty in falling asleep and sleep disturbances. 

Thus, for example, found that Passion fruit (aka Passiflora) extract contains ingredients that help to relieve states of disquiet caused by stress, anxiety and irritability, with difficulty falling asleep. This extract is an effective treatment against anxiety, and its advantage is a lower rate of problems related to a reduction in work capacity while using it.

Extract of the plant Crataegus was found as effective in reducing or preventing the effects of stress on the cardiovascular system and function of the heart and blood vessels.

Valerian root extract found to be effective in relieving mild to moderate stress, insomnia and stomach pain caused by smooth muscle spasms (due to stress). It also found that valerian prevents from enzyme system to break down GABA in the brain, while the increase of GABA levels associated with sedation and reduced activity in the central nervous system.
The extract of the Hops plant (Lupuli strobulus ) approved by German Comission E and the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy as a treatment of excessive excitability
mood disorders (irritability, anxiety) and sleep disorders. Nerven assists, actually, to reduce tensions in four parallel channels, and that it's advantage. 


Phytotherapy, know the expert

Nerven, as mentioned above, is manufactured by Zeller, well established Swiss pharmaceutical company, specializing in phytotherapy (herbal treatment). It is important to understand: the use of herbal medicine is very common today as a mean of improving the quality of life. Way to consume them varied: tablets, pills, powders, in teas, herbal extracts, dried or fresh.
However, since these herbal preparations, which pass through a complex manufacturing process is very thorough and includes many steps, it is important to trace the source of the product that is consumed. 

Zeller is a world leader in the manufacture and development of standardized herbal medicines. Pharmacological and clinical efficacy of the products and their safety proved in clinical studies over the years, and Zeller operates as GMP certified from Swiss health authorities and according to the European standards.

At Zeller, manage in particular strictly controlled production process, which helps to keep the natural qualities of the product at all stages of the manufacturing process - from the step of growing the herbs with an optimal dose components, continuing to controlled extraction process,  fluid storage and coating tablets themselves.

A bit about quality control

Zeller Company has developed a standardization process for each drug, a process that has a significant role in achieving the extraordinary quality of its products and all its medications, including Nerven, are undergoing testing and analysis of active ingredients that conducted under advanced methods and technologies, and compares to standards based on the Germany Pharmacopeia. In addition, all products are certified by the ministry of health, a fact that frees us from worries about quality and safety. 


It's only natural to be calm

If you're like many others around the world suffer from stress and nervousness, Nerven allows you to enjoy today from a comprehensive solution to such phenomena , tension relief , without physical dependence , with all the experience and expertise of Zeller, Swiss expert at phytotherapy, and a peace of mind provided by Ministry of Health approval.

Nerven suitable for daily use (no prescription needed), free from side-effects, effective for occasional events (weddings, tests, drive test, etc.) as well as for a long-term use. You can take the Nerven "on the way", a tablet or two at a time (Important: In cases of insomnia have to take two tablets an hour before bedtime), up to three times a day.


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