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Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C
Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin C is produced using an innovative technology that ensures the absorption of vitamin C 5 times better than vitamin C in the form of tablets, powders or dragees. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, helps with infections and inflammations and accelerates the healing of tissues and wounds, promotes collagen production and is essential for skin health, neutralizes the activity of free radicals.


The manufacturing process of nutritional supplements in the form of pills or tabletsinvolves the compaction of the substance’s powders, while adding diluting, softening, coating substances and cohesive substances, that for the most part, will cause the supplement’sbreakdown process in the digestive system to slow down, and consequently,the absorption of the active substances becomes slower.

Liquid nutritional substances on the other hand do not undergo processes of compaction, cohesion and coating, and therefore break down and get absorbed more quickly inthe cells of the digestive system. Different studies show that the absorption rate of liquid supplements is approximately 98%. On the other hand, the absorption rates of supplements in tablets or pills is approximately 5%-18% only.

It has been a little more than 50 years since scientists discovered a process through which little vesicles called liposomes can function as a delivery system that carries drug components or nutritional supplements to the cells of the digestive system, where they efficiently meld in and get absorbed efficiently.

Every cell in the body is enveloped by a membrane. The cell membrane is made up of a fatty substance called phospholipid, which forms a barrier that blocks substances from penetrating the cells and from leaking out of it, keeping the cell as an independent unit.The liposome’s membrane is also made of a phospholipid and its structure is identical to the membrane of the human cell. While the top part of the liposome is hydrophilic (water-loving), its tail is made of a fatty substance and is hydrophobic (averse to water), therefore, when phospholipids are inside a water solution, the hydrophobic tail draws away from the water quickly towards the center of the vesicle, while the hydrophilic head is drawn in the opposite directions - towards the water. Thus, in a water environment, the liposome forms its hollow spherical structure, making it a delivery system for drug components and supplements. When the liposome comes in contact with the cell, it easily penetrates its membrane thanks to the identical structure, and it unloads its contents – the active substance it carries inside.

The high bioavailability of the liposomal products is facilitated by the liposome’s unique structure, which helps the active substances to easily and quickly penetrate the epithelial cells in the intestines, where absorption takes place, and unload their contents insidethem. From the intestinal cells, the contents of the liposome goes directly into thebloodstream and from there it is delivered to the tissues and organs.

The liposome’s fast travel through the digestive system prevents the breakdown of theactive substances in the digestive system and their elimination from the body. In addition,the double-layered membrane of the liposome provides them with effective protection,which is particularly necessary for active substances that are sensitive to oxidation.

In other words, the natural coating that the liposomal membrane provides the gentlenutritional substances that it carries inside, increases their stability, prevents their breakdown in the stomach’s acidic environment, and carries them safely through theentire digestive system until they are absorbed.

The liposome’s unique structure holds another important advantage - it facilitates improves absorption and high bioavailability of many types of active substances: bothwater-soluble and oil-soluble (such as vitamin C, curcumin, magnesium, vitamin D, glutathione and so on). The liposome’s unique transport capability, directly into the target cells, has madethe liposomal technology very popular, not only in the pharmaceutical industry, butalso in the industry of nutritional supplements, and it is used in order to improve lowbioavailability of supplements that are taken orally.

Today, you can find nutritional supplements that present themselves as liposomal, butmost are one-step before the formation of the liposomes. Adding phospholipids to asupplement is not enough to form a liposome, because the most essential component for its formation is water!A true liposomal formula will be present in liquid nutritional supplements that provideit with a water environment, vital to the immediate formation of those spherical fattystructures filled with the active substance.Products that are not in liquid formula (such as powders, capsules or tablets) do notprovide the water environment that allows the liposomes’ immediate formation.In addition, it is always important to check the stability level of the liposomal structuresin the supplement and the quality of the phospholipids that are used in order to createthe liposome.

Liposomal vitamin C by EcoSuppis made using innovative, groundbreaking technology to coat the vitamin in phospholipids. These are the building blocks of the cell membrane in our bodies. Phospholipids form globular structures called liposomes, because of thesimilarity of the liposome to the human cell membrane - it can penetrate it, connect to the cell and be absorbed with maximum ease. Liposomal technology has been shown to be effective in dozens of studies, ensuring thehighest absorption of vitamin C, up to 5 times higher than vitamin C in tablets,powders or pills.

Benefits of vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps in infections and inflammations and accelerates healingof infections and wounds
  • Supports collagen production and is important for skin health
  • Neutralizes free radical activity

Instructions for use

5 ml in the measuring cup attached (or teaspoon) on a daily basis, can bediluted with water.

Each 5 ml contains 500 mg of vitamin C.


Each bottle contains: 250 ml.

The information here does not constitute a recommendation or indication for medical treatment.

Please do not consider this information as an alternative to consulting your physician or pharmacist.


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