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The formula is designed for the regeneration of cartilage tissue, easing inflammation in the joints and relieves pain that characterizes this condition.



An innovative and unique formula designated for treating joint inflammations. Taking it serves both , relieves the symptoms of pain and prevents further development of the disease.

Arth-3-Plex differs from other products by its high concentrations of MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin - proved that these components effectively reduce inflammation and joint pain.

About Components:


The natural form of organic sulfur is used as the most effective analgesic in inflammatory pain of the muscles and bones (such as arthritis and osteoarthritis). MSM provides significant and permanent relief of pain, swelling, stiffness and other symptoms of inflammation of the joints.


Helpful for regeneration of connective and cartilaginous tissue. It supports the formation of cartilage components and responsible for the proper functioning of joints and recovery after injury and inflammation.

The unique combination of glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride in Arth-3-Plex guarantees the perfect assimilation and absorption of the preparation to achieve cartilage regeneration, pain and inflammation relief.

Chondroitin sulfate

Chondroitin is an important component in the structure of cartilage tissue, ligaments and tendons and therefore, promotes the formation of these tissues. It stimulates their regeneration, improves the joints function and reduces pain that characterizes inflammation.

The designation of Arth-3-Plex

  • Reduction of inflammatory processes
  • Relief of joint pain
  • Regeneration of cartilage tissue

Advantages of Arth-3-Plex

  • Contains a high concentration of MSM for effective pain relief
  • Contains glucosamine in different bundles for maximum absorption
  • Produces quick relief of pain
  • Available in the form of small tablets, for comfortable and easy use


Each tablet of Arth-3-Plex contains:
MSM 500 mg
Glucosamine hydrochloride 300 mg
Glucosamine sulfate 200 mg
Chondroitin sulfate 100 mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 60 mg
Magnesium 50 mg

Recommended usage

2-3 tablets a day with a meal

Interaction with other drugs:
If you are taking warfarin (Coumadin), and other blood thinning medications you should consult your doctor before using Arth-3-Plex.

Package Content: 90 tablets

The information here does not constitute a recommendation or indication for medical treatment

Please do not consider this information as an alternative to consulting your physician or pharmacist.